Empty Property Monitoring Alarm System (Construction Protection)

We can now safeguard areas that are easily accessible by criminals, how? By introducing our unmanned GSM Alarm System!

Ideal for development/construction sites, this highly-intelligent system is designed specifically to safe guard both vacant and occupied properties. With encrypted key technology, tamper, intruder and smoke activation, installation is wireless and reporting to the monitoring centre via GSM; we can provide real-time records of every event with full 24/7 response.

Our rapid deployment portable intruder alarm system can detect and monitor intruders in unattended buildings, warehouses, stores, outdoor compounds, etc. and is used throughout the UK by Police Forces, Housing Associations, Local Authorities (monitoring empty properties), Property Developers and also a wide range of commercial users.

To avoid any false activation's, our GSM Alarm System has tamper protection and sensors that cannot be triggered by rain or falling leaves. The system can also be extended to have additional detection zones.

You can simply hire one of these highly versatile systems from us and prices start from just £95 per week!

Knight Watch has transformed the ways in which empty premises are secured and managed, by introducing new ideas and innovative products with unmatched service quality.

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